March 14, 2018 NSEA, Small business


Your new business has a higher chance of success if you have a mentor. It can be hard to step back and look at things objectively when caught up in the day-to-day details of running a business, and with self-employment there’s no boss to turn to for advice. A mentor can help to keep you on track. Mentors understand what you’re going through, with wisdom and first-hand experience of their own successes and even failures. This knowledge and guidance may save you from similar setbacks.

Participants in the NEIS program receive business mentoring for 12 months. Clients are matched with a mentor from a panel of experienced business mentors.

Melbourne typographer Casey Schuurman was grateful for the guidance from her NEIS mentor. “Access to a NEIS business mentor was terrific! Working as a sole trader, the meetings with my mentor gave me valuable insights into where I could take things next, as well as someone to bounce my ideas, feelings and experiences off. They held me accountable to the goals I created as well as regularly reminding me of how much I was achieving over the 3 or so months between each sit-down meeting. I think NEIS is all about creating resources and a mentor is one of the most important!”

Steven Randall from Business Maps Australia in Perth appreciated the advice from his NEIS mentor. “Businesses crash and burn without a mentor. A mentor is critical, especially when a business is starting out. Ideally, your mentor should be someone older than you, who is still running a business. I ran a lot of ideas past my mentor and actually listened to, and implemented, their advice. My mentor encouraged me to be methodical, to get the essentials in place first, then branch out from there. With that preparation, I was ready to make the most of my hard work.”

The free NEIS small business training program includes 12 months of mentoring. For more information, use the postcode search tool to find your nearest NEIS provider.

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