September 13, 2019 Service

Nursing, disability and complex care.

The 2019 NEIS Awards were recently held to honour outstanding new NEIS start-ups of the past year. Congratulations to the winner of Best New Business, Gina Wilks from Achieving Solutions, providers of nursing, disability and home care services focussed on helping young people live life to their full capacity.

Gina is a registered nurse, but it takes more than just being in the right field to want to start your own business. “When I needed to source services for a family member, I was dismayed at the limited options for individualised services in our area,” explains Gina. “While there are a lot of providers, none I came across supported us to find staff that met our needs.”

“I also saw firsthand the limited training that was available for support workers. I saw that no matter how good they were, they could not provide appropriate services to clients if they themselves weren’t supported,” says Gina.

Gina decided to build her own business, providing this high-level support and individualised care. She approached Hunter Region Business Hub for assistance in getting started and learnt about NEIS training.

“I wanted to build an organisation that celebrated people and encouraged them to live their lives. Where everyone felt part of a team with common goals,” says Gina. “Properly supported clients could focus on living, loving, doing. Teenagers and young adults are a special focus for Achieving Solutions; they often require mentoring and training to transition into adulthood.”

The new business was a success from the start. Kimberlie from Hunter Region Business Hub recalls, “Initially Gina’s business was as a sole trader. Within months of commencing, demand grew so quickly that Gina started employing team members to meet her clients’ needs. This has now grown to a staff of 20. Gina is held in such high regard in her sector that she has people approaching her to become employees.”

Early on Gina decided to help her team members understand how the treatments and services they provide feel to their clients. Staff experience training that includes being spoon-fed and even being lifted in a hoist.

“NEIS training and mentoring assisted me to exceed my business objectives right from the start,” says Gina. “My mentor Kimberlie was honest and consistent. She was beside me for the big moments and stepped back as I gained confidence within this business sector. She encouraged me to be confident in my ability. Even though I was new in business – I was an expert in my field.”

Congratulations Gina and Achieving Solutions.

If you have a new business idea, take the first step to self-employment with free NEIS training. NEIS is an Australian Government sponsored new business training program, to assist with self-employment. Use the postcode finder for your local provider and contact them for a chat. 

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