March 15, 2018 Product, Service

Specialised map production.

After becoming retrenched at the age of 60, Steven Randall decided to follow his passion and start his own customised maps business. Realising that he lacked formal training in the structural and financial issues of running a small business he decided to do something about it. Steven approached Centrelink and was referred to his nearest NEIS provider. While finding it hard to return to study at the age of 60, with support from NEIS, Steven completed his training and gained his Certificate IV in Small Business Management. His confidence grew as he started his own business, Business Maps Australia.

Business Maps Australia creates specialised maps produced to client specifications for companies or projects. The business tenders for custom mapping product contracts in Australia, South Africa and South East Asia. They have attracted an impressive list of clients across the spectrum of the Commercial, Industrial and Resources sectors such as Exxon Mobil, George Weston Foods, ATCO Logistics, Elders Group, Royal Caribbean Cruises International, several government agencies and numerous private clients. They were the first company in the world to map the entire Liquified Natural Gas industry in Asia. This type of map is indispensable to industry and requires updates as fields develop and expand. They were the only company to map the entire Australian Renewable Energy industry. This map has also since been republished as the original 180 sites have grown to 250.

Investing in product research and development has provided Business Maps Australia with the advantage of offering a new format of highly detailed road maps not previously available to the public.

Starting a business from a very low capital base was a challenge for Steven. The training and mentoring from his NEIS provider has given him the confidence that Business Maps Australia will continue to grow and become even more successful.

Steven is a prolific publisher on LinkedIn of articles around the Australian Commercial, Industrial and Resources sectors and he welcomes connections.

Do you have a great new business idea? NEIS is an Australian Government sponsored new business training program, to assist with self-employment. Use the postcode finder for your local provider and contact them for a chat.

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