March 27, 2018 Creative, Product

Handcrafted typographer.

Casey Schuurman is a Melbourne Designer specialising in Script Lettering, Brush Lettering and Monoline Lettering, for business campaigns or small-scale projects.

Casey studied Communication Design and along the way she fell in love with letters and exploring styles of handcrafted typography. The NEIS program at Holmesglen helped Casey gather and organise the considerable skills she had already built. Being guided through a business plan was a great help. Some aspects came easily, while others had never been considered before. A privacy policy, maintenance schedule, personal KPIs, long-term goals and a cashflow forecast were invaluable information to have in place when Casey launched her business into the real world!

Instagram is the perfect promotional vehicle for a creative business, with a potential audience of millions desperate for the beautiful and the interesting. Casey posts regularly and her Instagram feed is a visual feast. She is generous in her engagement with her followers and peers and loves sharing what she has learnt. The NEIS program helped extend the expertise she offered into workshops, from the basics of Brush Lettering, to a Masterclass for taking lettering to the next level. Casey’s classes are promoted on Instagram, along with her pins, risograph prints and stickers.

In September 2017 Casey was part of Brave Face, a group lettering show at St Heliers Street Gallery in Abbotsford. With collabs and clients including T2 Tea, Oscar Wylee, MECCA  Maxima, WorldVision Australia and Moose Toys, things are looking brilliant for Casey!

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