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Sustainability consultants.

Amalia Sosrodiredjo’s achievements in providing creative strategies and solutions for sustainability challenges faced by organisations are immense. A recent finalist at the 2019 NEIS Awards, Amalia has formal training in carbon accounting and management. She has been heavily involved in private and public sector carbon management projects in South Australia, and is a specialist in greenhouse gas measurement and management services. She has promoted sustainability and environmental awareness since 2012 through public speaking in Indonesia and Denmark.

With these considerable skills, qualifications and industry contacts, starting her own business was a logical step for Amalia and deserved a thorough plan.

“I needed to find as much information as possible through the right training,” says Amalia. “The NEIS program at Holmesglen helped me draft a comprehensive business plan. We covered regulations my company needed to comply with; thorough discussion on market research and analysis; and financial plan templates to project revenues and to estimate expenses. The intensive training also gave me the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs. The stories behind their businesses were really inspiring.”

Amalia Sosrodiredjo and her business partner Ares Rheantoro started Decorum Group in 2018. Their consultancy services centre on sustainability and project management, with a clear focus on tangible solutions for clients to create positive impacts on our global community. Decorum Group currently works on projects in Australia and Indonesia.

Greenhouse gas measurement and accountability is a thriving part of the business. Decorum Group is currently calculating and analysing emissions for Dowie Doole cellar and vineyards. The aim of the project is to provide Dowie Doole its baseline measurement to assist in achieving sustainable and environmentally accountable winery practices. This type of measurement for other companies like Bedford Group, provides a framework for future accountability and operations improvements. Financial and environmental factors go hand-in-hand for these clients to evaluate.

A carbon management and strategy plan helped Mycotech to prioritise environmental and business outcomes. This environmental materials company will be able to reduce costs, build its reputation, improve market opportunities and reduce business risk.

Amalia knows where her expertise lies and where she can build her other business skills. “NEIS mentoring sessions are excellent,” says Amalia. “My mentor provided me with really valuable guidance in different areas. Drawing on their own experience, I have had solid advice in marketing and even contract decisions.”

Decorum Group now has short and long-term contracts with small, medium, and large enterprises for both carbon management and project management projects. Amalia has also been actively involved as the South Australia Chair of Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC SA) and the President of Australian Indonesian Association of SA (AIASA). These organisations aim to strengthen bonds between the two countries.

Amalia’s business environment is a complex one. The challenges are varied but the rewards are great – for all of us.

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