November 29, 2018 Service

Custom cabinetry.

Cabinetry was a trade that Danny Lam really enjoyed and he was good at it. Over 14 years he had worked at five different companies in diverse roles, from hands-on machining to auto cad operating, office admin and cabinetry design. His skills were there, but dependable work was hard to come by.

With two small children and another one on the way, Danny and his wife Betty were finding it difficult. Money was tight but Danny couldn’t work longer hours with Betty anxious and under stress at home with the kids. Both extended families were back in Vietnam and there was no support. “Having our own business, that we could both work in, would give us flexibility, but it was too scary – as we had no money,” explained Danny. To give the new family business the best start, he wanted help to map out those critical first steps. Danny enrolled in NEIS at Gramets – Kangan Institute.

NEIS helped me get the confidence to start up. I gained the courage and support to focus on setting up our lives to generate a steady income. Betty and I learnt to work together.

“The NEIS program has taught me a lot of things,” says Danny, “from basic bookkeeping, sourcing new customers, pricing to meet market conditions, taxation responsibilities and cash flow management.”

An element of NEIS training that is often very new to participants is research. We all understand that knowing more about competitors and customers has to be a good thing for a business. It’s often not until the information starts coming in, that a clearer, or even a different picture emerges of what will be good for each unique business. NEIS training helps set up the framework to ask the most useful questions and gives the motivation to get out there and get that information, so valuable to a startup business. From surveys, Danny learnt in detail what his potential customers wanted.

Deluxe Interiors Oz started in Danny’s garage, producing domestic and commercial cabinetry. Within 12 months the business had a growing reputation and was securing regular contracts. The mentoring Danny received in that first twelve months helped Deluxe Interiors Oz organise finance for machinery to expand their work and gain the confidence to make the move to a factory.

The new much larger setup has an office and a dedicated display area. These are the domain of Betty who handles both sales and administration. There is now the space and the work to employ three staff: one designer and two factory and installation assistants. Managing waste and maintaining steady productivity helps Danny and his employees keep their projects and profits humming along. Attention to detail is the key to Danny’s success. Cabinetry designs for residential and commercial projects are custom-cut and edged with precision in-house. Every element is thought through in detail. This planning leads to value for money and customers notice.

Starting in a garage and growing to be an employer in a year is a great story. Building a business to give your family the flexibility for a more comfortable life is perhaps an even better story – a story that has recently won Danny Lam the Bizcover NEIS-Change Award for 2018! The award was presented to Danny for demonstrating the biggest life transformation as a result of NEIS. Congratulations Danny and Betty!

Do you have a business idea that could build you a better life? Take the first step to self-employment with free NEIS training. Use the postcode search tool to locate your nearest NEIS provider for a chat. 

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