August 8, 2018 Service

Bookkeeping and adventure.

“You are aiming for happy fulfilled days” was the piece of advice Dominic Billings really took to heart, from one of his early NEIS training sessions at Box Hill Institute.

He was participating in the NEIS program to best plan his new film production business. While considering this particular piece of advice, Dom thought “if I could work and travel, that would make for some happy fulfilled days!”

Dominic has a background in media, writing and film production. With management training and mentoring provided by NEIS, Dom developed the entrepreneurial skills he needed and one of his first commissions after completing the program was a $30,000 video production project. 

Dom began to spend several days a week in his studio developing film projects, and incorporating acting opportunities via a talent agent. Along the way, he discovered an affinity for bookkeeping and has secured 2 to 3 days bookkeeping work per week with a regular client. He also secured payroll work for a Disability Services Provider. Both of these clients could have their work completed by Dom remotely. It was time for some happy fulfilled days – even just for the short term.

Dom is currently in Spain and says, “it’s been bliss. Some evenings I’ve started the working day as the Spanish sun’s going down, knowing in two hours time I will have covered all my expenses for the day.”

He hadn’t expected things to work out quite like this. Even when he was completing his training and having a final catchup with his mentor Sarah, Dom had been working toward film production as his future career.

“Without NEIS I really doubt I could’ve maintained the mindset and accountability required to keep my eyes open to seize opportunities. I am enormously grateful to the Box Hill Institute NEIS team!”

Holidays don’t last forever; but they can last a little longer and come around more often if you are adventurous and well prepared.

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