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Life and business coaching.

Unable to work after a debilitating accident, Deborah Morandin decided to combine her months of rehabilitation with her years of professional experience. Deborah recorded what she was learning during her personal recovery, along with ideas she had developed and experienced through her years in business training. These were both areas Deborah was passionate about and wanted to make a real difference in. The result was a book ‘The butterfly experience’, in which she shared the tools and methods that helped her successfully navigate her metamorphosis. Armed with the wisdom gained from writing her book, Deborah made a new start. She signed up for the NEIS training program in Brisbane in 2003, and 15 years later is still an advocate for the program.

“I would recommend the NEIS program for people at all stages of life. It was a great support during a very difficult time in my life. My mentor was always there to brainstorm with – encouraging me and congratulating me on my success.”

Deborah began to find more and more people (mostly women) who were struggling with motivation and self-esteem. NEIS training helped Deborah to shape a program to mentor and inspire them to build businesses. The 10-week program ran for 8 years with over 5000 graduates. Deborah also ran 4-week programs tailored for the government Job Access Scheme and was a guest speaker for the NEIS program itself. Along with personal training and mentoring, Deborah has assisted and motivated many graduates to become self-employed.

Thanks to the many positive outcomes from her programs, Deborah and her organisation have been honoured with numerous awards, including Winner of Best Small Business in the My Business Award and Australian Entrepreneur of the Year. Deborah was chosen for 4 years running as Australian Ambassador for Australia Day for her work in helping to start thousands of businesses.

To make the most relevant and inspiring programs, Deborah has developed several streams and an extensive network of contractors and speakers. She now works with inspiring figures like Sir Richard Branson, bringing groups for training and networking events to his very own Necker Island. From startups to industry leaders, Deborah’s Entrepreneurs Paradise program brings the most relevant talent and wisdom right in front of the people most eager to learn and be inspired by it.

Helping people see potential and harness confidence is a huge part of what Deborah gained from the NEIS program and now delivers to others through her own business.

To take that same first step, use the postcode finder to get started, and contact your local NEIS provider.

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