June 5, 2019 Service

Mildura pet-minding service.

Marg Depta needed a change and knew the type of work that would make her happy. “I was a cleaner for over 35 years, and it had taken a toll on me, both physically and mentally,” says Marg. Keen to make the shift to a less solitary working life, Marg had an idea and contacted RMIT to start her NEIS training.

Learning the basics of business management and planning, along with some simple marketing tools, Marg overcame her fear that she might be too old to start something new.

“NEIS showed me that I wasn’t too old to be self-employed, and I learned everything I needed to not only start a business, but to make it a success,” says Marg.

The name ‘Marg’s Pet & House Sitting’ says it all. Marg is based in Mildura and is very experienced in caring for pets. With pet owners having different needs, Marg offers a range of services; including overnights stays, home visits and daily dog walks. Her in-home pet sitting is a popular alternative to boarding, and Marg has found many happy local clients. The Facebook page has glowing reviews. A recurring theme is that Marg really loves animals – she walks the dogs in her care along different routes for variety, and is even happy to take them for a swim.

“When I got my business registered it was life changing,” explains Marg. “In the first three months of operating I was so busy, but it was such a rush. I can’t tell you how much NEIS training has helped me. I am so very grateful. Who would have thought that looking after someone’s pets would turn into a very productive business.”

Marg sometimes mixes with award winners. “It is very rewarding to know that I am looking after some pets that are very expensive show dogs and cats, and that their owners trust me enough to allow me to look after them.” Those are the words of someone who loves their work.

Do you need help to start in your own business? NEIS is an Australian Government sponsored new business training program, to assist with self-employment. Use the postcode finder for your local provider and contact them for a chat.

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