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Grooming product retailer.

Nathan Jancauskas has made it his mission to assemble the finest men’s grooming products money can buy. Get them online or come in and try a squirt or dollop from the sample bar. If you’ve ever wanted a cut-throat shave, Nathan’s Men’s Biz might just be the place, named ‘Best Men’s Grooming Store’ by GQ and ‘Best in Class Barbershop’ by Monocle.

It all started when Nathan noticed the increasing popularity of specialist grooming products for men, and how difficult it was to buy them in Australia. There was an opportunity and Nathan decided a well-considered plan of attack was needed. The NEIS program looked like the ideal place to start. 

“Through NEIS, I learned the structure and discipline required to run a small business systematically, which contributed to me sticking with it through the first few years, and ultimately to the success of Men’s Biz.”

Men’s Biz began as an online-only business, and the range quickly expanded from men’s shaving products, to include skin care, hair care and fragrances. Nathan has his finger on the pulse, and in 2014 felt the market was enthusiastic enough to come and shop at a bricks and mortar store. The first Men’s Biz store opened in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade, and soon evolved to include barber services. 

Visitors come in to get hands-on with the products at the testing stations, and new favourite products can be requested when stepping up for a shave or haircut. The online experience also offers unique engagement. Rather than browsing through a list, customers can shop to a theme if they wish. Are you feeling more like an Aristocrat or Handyman? An Environmentalist or a Jetsetter

Shoppers can also access thousands of online customer reviews from the website, before making their purchases. Nathan has worked hard to build a community around his brand, and says “It’s always nice when you bump into someone and they are a customer of your business.”

The Men’s Biz experience draws customers back to the golden age of grooming. The store’s interiors take inspiration from traditional European barbers, while adding a slick, modern edge with features like leather curtains. Nathan seeks out the best in grooming, constantly adding to and refining the product mix; from affordable to high-end luxury. Brands stocked are both traditional and new. The products are presented with great style and attention to detail; and all of their packaging is minimalist, recyclable and bio-degradable.

Accompanying the array of international brands instore is a range of shaving and grooming hardware created by Men’s Biz, One Thousand & Ninety Two. Nathan is regularly interviewed on TV and radio as an authority in the men’s grooming industry; and his achievements, with only a small team, are impressive. Nathan explains, “we have taken risks and made them work. We’re quite sophisticated for a small business.”

The buzz continues to build around the brand, with clever content marketing and regular creative updates on social media. They recently offered free hair styling alongside a pop-up whiskey bar at an H&M store event, and even turned to print media, publishing their own grooming magazine, the Men’s Biz Mirror. They share curated gift guides for Father’s day, Valentine’s day and the Christmas season; featuring professionally styled photo shoots. 

It wasn’t long before they opened a second store in Sydney’s Strand Arcade; followed by Collins Square, Melbourne and Canberra Centre, Canberra. Business is booming, built on solid foundations, Nathan’s entrepreneurial spirit and help from NEIS training.

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