April 12, 2018 Creative, Service

Custom carpentry.

A love of timber and being unique in a mass-produced world. For experienced carpenter Lorraine Hull, those feelings and her skills weren’t being rewarded in the standard construction jobs on offer in Perth. To move ahead and into self-employment using the expertise she had developed, Lorraine saw NEIS training as a smart way to cover the business essentials needed and plan a unique approach to her business idea. Following the NEIS program led her new business, Rainey wood works, in two directions.

Rainey wood works offers a made-to-order service. Commissions range from large-scale event signage to custom chopping boards. When you need something you can’t buy off the shelf, you go to Lorraine. Sharing photos of her work on Instagram, in-progress or installed, inspires her followers to understand how problems can be solved with crafted and beautiful solutions. Her one-off pieces can have input from the client, or be left to the creativity and problem solving of Lorraine, to produce a bespoke item for each customer. Need a bookcase with a doorway through the middle? Leave it to Rainey wood works!

Hard work and perseverance led to a flood of commissions and long days, but Lorraine was determined to keep on top of the administration, planning and another growing part of the business.

The new direction the NEIS program helped Lorraine develop was workshops. Asking the right questions helped Lorraine establish a unique idea. Opportunities for women to learn to work with wood can be scarce. Lorraine researched the market, asking what women would want from a workshop and what it would take to promote and deliver it. ‘Tool skills for women’ is now one of her most popular workshops. The appeal of a woman teaching women confidence with power tools is hard to overrate. Lorraine’s students have learned that hiring a tradesperson or a handyman is not the only solution. Teaching safety and accuracy with power tools leads to confidence and self-reliance when it comes to maintenance around the home.

Lorraine is proud of her student’s work and takes the time to promote it on social media. This can inspire sign-ups to future courses, by encouraging other women to feel comfortable enough to come along and learn a new skill, or just enjoy allowing their creativity to shine while making something practical to take home. The satisfaction of doing the job yourself is hard to beat. This is an area Lorraine realised she could make her own, inspiring women to take a circular saw to their wood ideas with new-found confidence.

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