February 16, 2018 Creative, Product

Game developer.

Within 18 months of completing the NEIS program, The Voxel Agents had become an international success. The Melbourne studio creates delightfully-addictive digital games. They won ‘Best New Business’ in the 2010 National NEIS Awards, launching the runaway hit Train Conductor in their first year. They followed this with Train Conductor 2 USA, which won the ‘Best Mobile Game’ award at the 2010 Independent Games Festival in Shanghai. Last in the series was Train Conductor World, released in 2016. They recently hit 15 Million downloads of the Train Conductor series!

Co-founders of The Voxel Agents, Simon Joslin and Matt Clark, credit the NEIS program as a crucial support in their early days. The assistance offered by NEIS gave them the freedom to explore and prototype; learn from their mistakes and forge their own path to a truly innovative product. Their latest game The Gardens Between, a surreal puzzle adventure, was released in October 2017 to great acclaim and was on the main stage at Sony’s pre-show event at Paris Games Week the following month.

The Gardens Between was named one of the most anticipated games of 2018 by several major sites including Forbes, Polygon and Destructoid.

Recently, the Voxel Agents were nominated for ‘Excellence in Visual Art’ in the Independent Games Festival 2018, the largest and most prominent indie game festival in the world. They also won the ‘Excellence in Game Design’ award at Busan Indie Connect (BICFest) 2017. Congratulations guys!

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