November 12, 2019 Hospitality/food

Wellness Lattes.

This success story began with a spiced latte.

Back when Belinda Young was on maternity leave, she gathered up the pram, baby things and daughter Zia to head to the local café.

“Zia was about six weeks old at the time and it was so exciting to be going out for our first café date. I didn’t want tea or coffee so thought I would try something new. I chose a turmeric latte and my life changed from that day on,” says Belinda.

A long-term sufferer of chronic inflammation of the joints and the subsequent fatigue, Belinda found the pain virtually subsided overnight.

“I did a herbalism course after becoming aware of the benefits of turmeric and its’ healing qualities, and that’s when I decided to start my own business serving others this wonder spice,” Belinda said.

While sorting out the finances behind her new business idea, a bank adviser suggested NEIS training to Belinda. The NEIS provider in Belinda’s area was Sarina Russo. “I went in and saw them the next day. It sounded ideal for me and I felt it was very much the right fit.”

Belinda was a digital marketing consultant with a decade of experience. “Leaving a secure job and starting my own business was a daunting process. It was amazing to have such incredible support from NEIS.”

During NEIS training the new business, Zandi Organics, started to take shape as producers of artisan powdered plant-based beverages call Wellness Lattes. They are not tea, they are not coffee, they are something new at the intersection of health, wellness and food.

Through her study in herbalism and Ayurvedic principles, Belinda explored the link between diet and wellness. She is keen to deep-dive into little known herbs, spices and emerging super-foods, to learn how to harness their benefits to support health and wellbeing.

Zandi Organics currently has four Wellness Latte blends in the range: Beet & Berry, Chicory Chai, Matcha Tulsi and of course Turmeric. All certified organic.

Building products and a market for them, Belinda is always looking for opportunities. “Developing the mindset of an entrepreneur is vital,” she says.

Trade expos have proven to be an effective way to get to a larger market for Zandi Organics. Belinda secured a national distributor at the Naturally Good trade expo in Sydney and was a featured speaker at The Brisbane Vegan Expo.

“The Brisbane Vegan Expo was such a wonderful event and the crowd were very receptive,” says Belinda. “I spoke on the sustainability of plants and why this concept has become a cornerstone of my company Zandi Organics. We believe food is medicine and we believe eating beneficial plants every day makes happy, healthy humans that live longer.”

“That’s why I started the company and that’s why I will continue to serve anyone looking to incorporate more plant nutrition into their day in anyway I can.”

Belinda was looking for something new on the menu and found the inspiration to start her own business.

Are you inspired to start your own new business? Take the first step to self-employment with free NEIS training. NEIS is an Australian Government sponsored new business training program, to assist with self-employment. Use the postcode finder for your local provider and contact them for a chat.

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