Narla’s Dogilicious Treats

When Merridy Williamson received the heart-wrenching news that her cherished kelpie, Narla, had only three months to live, she refused to accept it as fate. Instead, this former vet nurse embarked on a journey that would not only extend Narla’s life but also lead to the birth of her thriving business.

In 2017, Narla became a beloved member of Ms. Williamson’s family. However, at the age of six, a devastating diagnosis of severe hip dysplasia threatened Narla’s quality of life. The prognosis included a lifetime of cortisone injections, a future Ms. Williamson couldn’t bear to accept for her furry companion. Determined to explore alternative paths, she immersed herself in researching natural and holistic remedies.

Three years later, Narla, now nine, defies the odds and exudes vitality, thanks to Ms. Williamson’s relentless pursuit of solutions. Drawing on her background in veterinary care, she delved into the realm of canine nutrition and health. What she unearthed not only transformed Narla’s life but also unveiled a market gap in pet care.

Ms. Williamson discovered a plethora of natural remedies capable of enhancing the well-being of not just Narla but countless other dogs. Leveraging her expertise, she founded a business offering a range of dried animal products, from fish knots to veal scrolls, alongside health supplements and enrichment toys.

With a meticulous approach to sourcing and production, Ms. Williamson ensures that her products are of the highest quality, Australian-made, and free from artificial additives. Her dedication to her canine companions extends to every aspect of her business, earning her a reputation as the epitome of meticulousness in pet care.

Initially hesitant to venture into entrepreneurship, Ms. Williamson’s family and friends recognized her expertise and urged her to share it with the world. After years of persuasion, her business finally took flight in 2022.

Today, Merridy Williamson’s doggie treats grace the shelves of local markets and dog-friendly establishments, including the Prince Albert Hotel. With aspirations to expand into Gawler hotels, her vision for enhancing the lives of pets continues to grow.

While Narla may have been the catalyst for Ms. Williamson’s entrepreneurial journey, her disability service labrador, Thor, plays a pivotal role in the business. With his magnetic charm and presence, Thor embodies the spirit of their venture, bringing joy to local markets and spreading the message of holistic pet care far and wide.


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