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With over 13 years of experience in the dental care sector, Charlie recognised a need and was determined to make oral health and teeth whitening products accessible to all. Offering a mobile dental service, and dental kits and products, Holistic Hygienist aims to address the dental needs of clients in rural and regional communities on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The business provides affordable, preventative oral hygiene treatments that encompass individual wellbeing and lessens the environmental impact of the dental industry. 

People in remote communities have limited access to regular dental maintenance which often leads to serious health problems. Charlie recognized a need, so she became determined to make oral health and teeth whitening products accessible to all. 

Charlie’s services can be provided anywhere, in a residential home, in outback communities and in allied service locations. The business is freelance, totally flexible, and mobile and goes a long way to removing the fear of being in a dentist’s chair – as there isn’t one and the surroundings are much less formal. 

Founded on holistic health practices and sustainability, it’s important to Charlie that we implement sustainable practices and limit our carbon footprint to sustain the integrity of the pristine Eyre Peninsula and abroad. 

She has developed cruelty free and eco-friendly oral care products that are safe to use every day. The biggest advantage of her Mobile Dental Service is that she can treat patients who have no/limited access to traditional fixed dental clinics. So, her option is the best option for providing oral health education and creating awareness among rural and isolated communities. 

Auctus Program Manager Vicki says, 

Charlie deserves the recognition for maintaining a solid commitment to conducting her business practices in an ethical fashion. One of the qualities that stand out about Charlie is her integrity. She is such a dedicated hard worker and connects with people across many isolated communities, committed to delivering holistic care to everyone. 

Although her business opportunity was well researched and in high demand, one significant driver for Charlie is to make a difference in rural areas when it comes to oral hygiene and preventative dental care. 


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