Nominated by NEIS Provider: Holmesglen Institute


Melbourne’s first gourmet superfood smoothie van. 13 different unique flavours on the menu. No water/no ice/no dilution. No added/hidden sugars (honey, dates, maple syrup, etc) used. All recipes were designed from scratch by me, and me only. A healthy product that caters for essentially anyone/everyone. Customers have ranged from 2-80 years old, female or male. Catering for any occasion (large or small), from corporate lunches, gyms, kid’s parties, school events … the options are endless. My business is a low overhead model; Solar powered, re-using water from our grey water tank across garden beds and using nothing but 100% biodegradable packaging.

Happy customers

I found a gap in the market and knew the smoothie industry needed a “shake-up”. The majority of smoothies (especially those made by the well-known franchises and those in fast-food environments like shopping centres) are extremely high in sugar and/or are watered down with water/ice.
Our smoothies are super thick and creamy and are of the highest quality (see menu) … yet still affordable due to the low overhead model.

Flavour choices to make your mouth water

I also wanted to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to business strategies/tactics. I have a Bachelor of Commerce and always had business acumen/foresight. I can now finally start to reach my full potential and make a difference in this world.

Comment from Darcy’s NEIS program provider, Holmesglen; “Darcy’s business –a healthy superfood smoothie van, was in an industry (gyms) that has been largely affected by the COVID outbreak but has worked really hard and has come up with great initiatives to achieve or exceeded his expected budgets. 75% of Darcy’s Income comes from gyms and 35% from corporate events. Darcy has now secured 8 fortnightly gym car parks, 30 gyms which averages 45 customers per morning, has excellent Google reviews and through his social media and websites gains a lot of interest and enquires. Darcy has really embraced his mentoring sessions and is really easy to work with. He has a real passion for making healthy smoothies and enjoys sharing his smoothies within the gym community but also the wider community. Darcy has really beaten the odds when COVID hit and has made a great success of his business and will only get bigger in years to come. Watch this space..”


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