Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision

Making Self-Employment Possible


Our Mission

We make self-employment possible by championing the Self-Employment Assistance program through:

Advocacy –  Provide a unified voice to inform government policy

Promotion – Build awareness and encourage participation

Collaboration – Support the self-employment community with a platform to achieve common goals

Our Objectives


Objective: To provide a unified voice advocating for the Self-Employment Assistance program to inform government policy.

Key Results:

      • Establish regular communication channels with government representatives.
      • Contribute to policy discussions and decisions related to self-employment assistance.
      • Representation of member views to government
      • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of self-employment programs, providing recommendations for improvements.
      • Serve as a reputable advisory body, providing insights and recommendations based on research findings.


Objective: To build awareness and encourage participation in the Self-Employment Assistance program.

Key Results:

      • Implement promotional activities to reach relevant stakeholders.
      • Increase program visibility through various media channels and community outreach.
      • Connect potential participants with providers in their area.


Objective: To support the self-employment community with a platform for achieving common goals.

Key Results:

      • Facilitate regular forums or events for collaboration among self-employment service providers.
      • Establish mechanisms for knowledge sharing and best practice within the self-employment community.
      • To develop linkages with programs and organisations that facilitate enterprise and create a focus on assisting small businesses.