What the Association Does

As a member of the National Self-Employment Association, you may wonder what the Association does for our members.

Our efforts include representing the member body to government, so that we can help make the Self-Employment Initiative a success for providers, participants and the Australian Government who funds the programs.

For over 30 years the association has lobbied for improved content to closely held contracts. Our job of informing the government on what works and what doesn’t, gives us the opportunity to give feedback on how their guidelines work when applied to those who access our assistance.

In addition to lobbying activities, we ensure, as a Board, that the Association remains financially viable so that we can continue the work that is important. This means that we calculate membership fees, manage sponsorships and research additional funding opportunities.

Sourcing and providing free and low-cost Professional Development is also a way that we can support the growth and development of the members and their staff, along with support Resources including Industry Benchmark Reports, access to Insurance broking services and information and templates that can be used throughout the program.

The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly to share and discuss feedback from members and participants that may be able to improve the conditions of the contract. They also attend an Annual Planning meeting where the Strategic and Business Plan for the coming year is presented, discussed and approved.

If you would like to become active as a Board member, you can nominate prior to our Annual General Meeting, where the Board of Directors is elected by members for a two-year term.