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Join the Association? 

Curious about what being a part of the National Self-Employment Association means for you? Here’s how your membership actively contributes to the community of self-employment assistance providers and small business owners we support. As a member your impact will include:

Government Advocacy: 

We represent your interests to the government, working to ensure the success of the Self-Employment Initiative. With over 30 years of experience, we share insights on what’s effective and where improvements are needed.

Financial Transparency: 

As a Board, we manage funds responsibly, calculating membership fees, securing sponsorships, and exploring funding opportunities. Your financial contributions directly sustain our crucial work.

Professional Growth: 

Access affordable Professional Development opportunities, resources like insurance services, cyber security training and services and practical templates. It’s a straightforward way to enhance your skills and support your team’s development.

Active Participation:

Have your say by considering a role on the Board of Directors. Prior to our Annual General Meeting, nominate yourself for a two-year term. This is your chance to actively shape our community’s positive evolution.

Stay Connected: 

We value your input. Bi-Monthly board meetings and an Annual Planning gathering keep us connected, collecting feedback that directly influences contract conditions. Join us in shaping a successful future for self-employed individuals. Ready to be part of the conversation? Join us and contribute to a community that values your involvement. Contact Us Today.

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