Self-Employment Assistance helps you pursue SELF EMPLOYMENT and be your own boss offering FREE​

Explore entrepreneurial independence with Self-Employment Assistance—an avenue for success where you can be your own boss, all at no cost.

Workshops to Explore Self-Employment

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Insightful Workshops – Gain the Knowledge and Confidence to Thrive in Self-Employment Ventures

Assistance To Develop A Comprehensive Business Plan And financial forecasts

Crafting Your Blueprint for Success – Receive Expert Guidance in Developing a Comprehensive Business Plan and Accurate Financial Forecasts.

Business Health Check for existing business

Elevate Your Business Well-being – Undertake a Comprehensive Business Health Check for Existing Ventures.

Practical Small Business Training To Help You Develop YOUR New Business Idea

Hands-On Training for Your Entrepreneurial Vision – Tailored Support to Shape and Realize Your New Business Idea.

Mentoring support from expert business advisors in your first 12 months

Navigate Your Start with Seasoned Mentors – Expert Business Advisors Offering Support Throughout Your First 12 Months.

39 weeks income support and 26 weeks of rental assistance for those eligible

Financial Security When You Need It – Eligible Individuals Receive 39 Weeks of Income Support and 26 Weeks of Rental Assistance.

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Journey:
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Find your nearest Self-Employment Assistance provider with our postcode search tool.

Step Two

Contact your nearest Self-Employment Assistance provider to discuss your business opportunity, determine eligibility, and identify relevant support services.

Step Three

Apply for Self-Employment Assistance through your nearest provider, and if approved, commence Self-Employment Assistance support services.

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Catch some advice and inspiration, and learn how you could become self-employed with Self-Employment Assistance too!

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Stay Informed, Stay Inspired: Uncover the Latest Insights and Updates in the World of Entrepreneurship with NSEA’s Latest News

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National Self-Employment Association Supporting Small Business with Big Plans

Have a business idea you want to launch?

Own a Business

We support small

businesses with

big plans

Certainly! Here are five business-oriented tips tailored to assist entrepreneurs:

  1. Market Research Matters: Before diving in, conduct thorough market research. Understand your target audience, competition, and industry trends. This insight will guide your business decisions and help identify potential opportunities.

  2. Focus on Customer Experience: Place a premium on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Build relationships, listen to feedback, and tailor your offerings to meet customer needs. Happy customers can become loyal advocates for your brand.

  3. Financial Savvy is Key: Manage your finances diligently. Keep track of expenses, establish a budget, and explore cost-effective solutions. Invest wisely in areas that drive growth while ensuring a sustainable financial foundation.

  4. Adapt and Innovate Constantly: Stay agile in a dynamic market. Embrace innovation, be open to change, and continuously seek ways to improve your products, services, or processes to stay ahead of the curve.

  5. Network Strategically: Cultivate a robust network of contacts. Engage with industry professionals, seek mentorship, and participate in networking events. These connections can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and valuable opportunities for growth.

Remember, these tips serve as guiding principles for establishing and nurturing a successful business. Adapt them to fit your specific industry, goals, and vision for your entrepreneurial venture.